Parenting is not for the faint hearted – end of story. It is the most difficult job you will ever have and it comes with no manual and no training. It will test your boundaries every day and some days maybe even your patience and your sanity … fact.
But it is also the biggest gift and the most amazing blessing with the highest reward that you will ever have the privilege of sharing in.

Our aim is to lend a helping hand so you can enjoy those special moments that makes being a parent the most AWESOME job ever!

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be sharing some really inspiring and helpful parenting charts with you.
From a chore chart, with appropriate ages, free printables and many different styles and options to choose from, to life skills and lunch box ideas.

We hope you find them as fun to use as we do!

Week 1 : Chore Chart

We as South-Africans are quite spoiled when it comes to house work as most of us have help coming in at least once a week. But that should in no way mean that our children can grow up without learning to tidy after themselves and help with chores!

3 Most Important Reasons Why Kids Need to Help Clean up:

1. Learning important life skills
This is really important. Home is where kids need to learn to do things. If they don’t learn it there, not only will they eventually have to learn it somewhere else down the line, but chances are that they are going to be put in a tough spot more than once because of their lack of these skills.

2. Learning to be responsible
Responsibility is key. If they know that they are in charge of something and that people are relying on them, they are much more likely to follow through.

3. Learning the value and to appreciate more.
When our kids learn the value of work, and how much effort goes into something, they are more likely to appreciate it.

So week one is all about chores and roping in the entire family to help. We will be adding some fun printables – so watch this space.

Here is a chart with guidelines as to which chores can be mastered by what age.
Please keep in mind that every family and every child is different – these are guidelines only.

Chores by age - image
Now comes the fun part – Designing your Chore Chart!
Here are a few examples and ideas we think are practical and super easy to make and customize to suit each individual family.

Have Fun!

Chore Idea 1Chore Idea 3                               Chore Idea 2

  We will be adding the ‘how to’ tutorials, the printables and the customisable magnets for order with the next segment of this article.







Can’t wait to share again next week.

Sunshine Greetings,

The Inspired Moms



This article content was inspired by Mique

7+ Handy Parenting Charts


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