Being a Mom is HARD!

It is the most challenging thing you will ever do in this life … and the most rewarding!

It doesn’t matter which parenting style you adopt, whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, what city or area you live in or what the colour of your skin is, you are a mother first, always. We all are.

Finding a balance between the responsibilities we have, and the roles we play every day, can be one of the toughest things to figure out in this Mom-life.

So, we’re here to tell you, show you, and shout it out loud; YOU ARE NOT ALONE, MOM! We’re all in this together.
“It takes a village”, the saying goes … so welcome to the village. You have found your tribe.

A tribe of Mom’s who have had enough of the ‘Mine’s already walking/talking/writing the alphabet/learning a foreign language’ routine. Who are honest with each other about everything – the good, the bad and the ugly …

We are here to help each other see the beauty in things again. In each other. In the ordinary and every day. We’re here to carry each other when we feel too exhausted to carry on. We’re here to laugh together. A lot. At the crazy, ridiculous parts of this Mom-life. We’re here to help each other re-discover ourselves, and our passions. And to inspire each other to be the absolute best YOU can be! We’re here for each other!

So, sprinkle that glitter on your life, Mom … we’re with you every ‘shake’ of the way.

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