My greatest achievement?
My kids.
There is just nothing that comes even close to being a Mom!

As I sit here today, writing this welcome note, I have this excitement bubbling inside me that is more energising than a sugar-rush. Yes, you read it right, MORE than those!
I just want to jump up, dancing and singing and grabbing every woman I see and hug her and tell her to join us!

Where you might ask?
On this AMAZING crazy beautiful wonderful !nspiring journey of Motherhood of course!
Being a Mom is so much more than just being Mom! It’s the most important, hardest, most difficult and most rewarding job any woman can ever have …
And our mission here at !nspired Moms is to unite every and any Mom.
We want to share every aspect of Mom-hood! The good, the bad and the ugly. The inspiring, the heart-breaking, the WOW moments and the quiet ones that take your breath away.
And we want to do it with you!

So here’s to the beginning of a long and exciting journey together. Where we hope to help, advise, laugh-out-loud, share, CELEBRATE, encourage, praise and !nspire!

Sunshine Greetings,

– The !nspired Moms Team




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