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Lunch Box Ideas Nutritional and healthy lunches are just as important as eating healthy at home. Your kiddos lunch is their fuel for school and learning and are absolutely worth that few extra minutes to prepare.

That said, I don’t think there is a Mom out there who has not, as one time or another, stood staring at their child’s lunch with a faraway stare and a feeling of utter hopelessness. From the picky eaters to the routine, same every day children, there comes a time when you just have to change it up a bit, maybe even shake it wildly and throw it in the blender to try something completely different … not literally of course, but you know what we mean.

So that’s what we did. We gathered a bit of info on what kids need most during the day to perform their best, got some advice from our young ones … and old ones. Then did some digging and came up with 10 of the best lunch combinations and a 2 week rotation that will work for your schedule and will prevent both you and your little ones from ever frowning at another lunch box in despair.

And yes, we’ve taken into consideration that most Moms work, and that some don’t bake, or maybe can’t – your talents lie elsewhere, do not be ashamed of this. It does by no means make you a bad Mom or even a bad woman. If everyone was a Martha Steward, then there would be no Martha or Nigella for that matter. So we have added no-bake or healthy store bought alternatives for those crazy days or non-bakers. Woolies Muffins are just as yummy. No sweat. Easy-Peasy.

Tip no.1 – Lunch is short, and chances are your kiddo wants to get some play time in as well. So ensure lunch is not only healthy and yummy, but also easy to handle and non-smelly (yeah, other kids notice!)

Tip no.2 – Let them help you prepare their lunch. Trust us, this tiny little gesture could make all the difference between bringing back an empty or full lunch box. If they feel they have some input in what goes in their lunch box they are more likely to eat it. So let them pick from a selection every week. We’ve included a seasonal and flavour option chart with your lunch box printable from which they can make their choices.

Tip no.3 – Pick your battles. If they only like one veggie or one fruit, rather stick to the one they like, maybe adding a dipping sauce or some variation rather than not have them eat it at all. But also remember that you are laying the foundation for their future eating habits, and unhealthy eating habits are probably one of the most difficult habits to break as they get older. So don’t let them charm you into adding only the ‘good stuff’ every day. Fridays, Day 5 and Day 10, are for special treats, let them pick anything they would like. (Within bounds Moms)

If there is one more, very important bit of life changing advice we can give you about school lunches, it would be that PREPERATION IS KEY. You will not believe what a huge difference it can make to your week! So we have included recipes that can be prepared well ahead of time, say over weekends, and then frozen, to be used as and when necessary.


Happy Packing Moms 😉 


Lunch Box Ideas :

Free Printable 10 Day Lunch Planner

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Lunch Box Selections :

There should be at least one item from each category to ensure a well balanced and nutritional lunch box. Let them chose an item from one of the categories every day – this will teach them about nutrition and healthy eating habits, as well as ensure they eat their lunch.

Free Printable Lunch Box Selections

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Lunch Box Recipes :

Free Printable Recipe Booklet for your amazing new Lunch Box Menu.

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1. Pizza Pinwheel

2. My “Homemade” Bran Muffin

3. Two Tone Sandwiches

4. Corn Fritters

5. BLC Wrap

6. Easy-Cheesy Quesadillas

7. Oat & Choc Chunk Cookie

8. Delicious Bagel or Croissant

9. Cheese & Cold Meat Pastry

10. Banana & Oat Chews

11. “Cut-Out” Sandwich / Pinwheel (rolled) Sandwich

12. Cheese & (hidden) Veggie Nuggets

13. Pita Pockets

14. C&T Finger Puffs

15. Pizza Pops

16. Peanut Butter Cookies


Packing a well balanced Lunch Box that will provide the much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals kids need for energy and growth, day after day, may have seemed daunting in the past, but with these ideas and recipes, packing lunch is just going to be another thing you rock at Super Mom.

Have some great Lunch Box Recipes or Ideas of your own? Please share!



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